Dustin Diaz President, Co-Founder(dustin@agent.com)

Dustin is a self taught technology & design engineer. He has worked at some of the most well known and innovative technology companies in Silicon Valley. His journey began at Yahoo in the Small Business Division. Dustin was then hired at Google as one of its first official Web Developers. Dustin's position sat between User Experience and Software Engineering for Gmail. During this time he taught one of the companies most successful internal courses in Google's history, "HTML, CSS and JavaScript"

He then joined Twitter as an early employee where he helped create the first Client -Side Platform. Twitter was then re-built on this platform. Dustin worked closely with the founders of Twitter for years.

He subsequently joined Obvious Corp where he was a Member of the Founding Engineering Team for Medium.

Craving more challenges, Dustin joined Change.org as a Frontend Architect. He helped to establish better engineering practices within Change.org and helped lead the technology migration to Node.js.

Dustin then decided to start his first company through EXPA (a startup studio/incubator) called Mix.com. Mix merged with StumbleUpon and is now in good hands with the current team.

When not developing at tech companies one of his passion's includes photography. In 2009 Dustin was named "Flickr Photographer of the year" by Mashable. This award lead to Dustin writing a book on Photography Lighting, named "Strobist Info".

Last but not least, Dustin has a 5 year old son aptly named Agent Diaz, who always remains at the center of Dustin's universe.

Mark Willingham CEO(markw@agent.com)

Mark has over 30 years agency and client-side experience growing brands and companies across consumer product goods, technology and business-to-business sectors.

Prior to joining Agent, Mark was the northern hemisphere president for Brazilian fashion brand, Carmen Steffens. And, before that he was vice president of marketing at HeyAnita, a next-generation communications, voice recognition and mobile messaging software company which was founded with former Microsoft executives.

During his career Mark has worked with some of the world's most recognized brands including Warner Bros, Baskin-Robbins, Kahlua, Canadian Club, Sauza Tequila, Makers Mark and Dunkin' Donuts.

“I believe that while the world is dynamic and continues to quickly change in so many interesting ways, the fundamentals of branding and growing companies do not really change that much. The main goal should be separating the “in” hype-of-the-day from what is actually required to strategically grow and dominate within a specific industry or market sector.”

Mark is an avid music fan with a genre range that covers almost every category imaginable. Also a fan of Brazil, he has been there more than 100 times over the past 23 years. Mark enjoys outdoor sports including running, mountain biking and occasionally jumping on his skateboard. And, when time permits, nothing can beat a cold beer (or a good glass of wine) and a game of pool.

Mark is a frequent public speaker on a range of marketing topics including international brand building and strategy. Since 1998 Mark has regularly guest lectured at California State University Long Beach.

Ashley St. Clair Talent Manager, Co-Founder(ashley@agent.com)

Ashley is an innovative, imaginative and highly detail oriented professional. Ashley graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, with an emphasis in Pre-Production, Marketing and Trend Analysis.

After graduation, Ashley joined Operator.com to help establish a new level of Customer Service. Ashley's natural ability to lead and communicate helped her Operator Team to engage with an unprecedented number of new users.

Additionally, Ashley recently completed her User Experience Design education at General Assembly.

Robert MargolisAdvisor

Robert Margolis, President and CEO of Cent Banc, has a vast knowledge of business structuring with a focus in the creative and artistic venues. Margolis’ skills include 27 years of operations, financing, organizational management and hiring for a multitude of small and larger firms. Additionally, Margolis is fluent in all aspects of Real Estate and Venture Capital.

In addition to these expertise, Margolis has been instrumental in coordinating, structuring and managing a broad range of private equity investments including the fashion and retail sectors.

Margolis earned a BSM in Economics from Pepperdine University and a Graduate Certificate from Wharton School of Business.

He splits his time between residences in New York City, Brentwood and Malibu, California and is an avid traveler whose hobbies include architecture, design and wines.